Expo Gestió i Serveis de Fires, S.L., as organizers of the Say Cheese Fair we assume a firm commitment in risk management, leading the systematic implementation of measures aimed at minimizing it.


1) CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF CAPACITY. The fairgrounds (attached plan) will have a limited capacity control according to current regulations (2.5 m2 per person). This control will be made effective through the entry and exit access regulated by two controllers expressly contracted by the company SPM Seguridad.


2) QUEUE CONTROL. In order to avoid queues at the entrances visual indicators will be enabled by signaling to maintain a safe distance at all times.


3) USE OF THE MASK. It will be mandatory to access the Fair, both visitors and exhibitors, as well as the staff responsible for assembly and disassembly.


4) CLEANING MEASURES. Hydroalcoholic sterilizing gel dispensers will be available to the public at the entrance to the site and in the common areas of the interior. There will be constant cleaning of the site, and especially before the start of the activity and prior to the entry of the public. In the case of toilets, it will also take place at the beginning and end of each exhibition day and twice during the day itself.


5) LITTER. Properly distributed litter bins will be available to reject handkerchiefs, napkins and any other disposable material.


6) PREVIOUS REGISTRATION. In order to promote possible traceability of contacts, visitors must register when accessing the site. In the event of a possible positive detection, the information on the traceability system of the attendees will be made available to the health authorities.


7) ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY OF THE STANDS OF THE FAIR. In order to minimize the risk in the assembly and disassembly phase, the number of workers working at the same time and space will be reduced. The maintenance of personal distance and the obligatory use of the mask will also be ensured. Finally, workers will be provided with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers.


8) USE OF BANK CARDS. The use of cash or ticket sales is not recommended. Instead, priority will be given to using the bank card, cleaning the dataphone after each use.


9) SIGNAGE. Prevention measures will be signposted on panels for the public and exhibitors. The site will also be signposted to avoid queues and congestion, and to mark a one-way direction.


10) PROTECTIVE SCREENS. Protective screens will be installed at ticket offices. And it will also be recommended for the exhibitors to be installed in the customer service area of ​​their stands.


11) VENTILATION. The exhibition space will be ventilated by opening doors and windows.


12) FOOD PROTECTION. Exposed foods must be protected at all times by protective screens or display cases. The product will be offered, preferably packaged, in individual format, either for sale or tasting. In this sense, all exhibitors must have submitted to the organization the health certificate marked by current legislation.


13) TASTING AREAS. In the fair space there will be areas specially indicated for the tasting of the products, which will be constantly cleaned.


14) PROTOCOLS. Exhibitors and visitors will be provided with the planned measurement protocols. They will be also posted on the official event’s website.